Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My new Star Hook and other outdoor things..

Well, here it is. My new Star Holder. I just love it, of coarse I love stars!! We went to Lowes last night to get a hanging geranium but they looked terrible. So we got the purple petunia instead. I think it looks just as lovely. We have only last fall and this spring started doing our landscaping, so mind you it is a work in progress. But while taking this picture it inspired me to take some outdoor pictures of our flowerbeds and where we like to hang out, when it is cool enough too.My little sheep my DH got me, another thing I love is Sheep!
I got this star birdhouse on my trip to Md. Isn't it cute? It's for rent right now, if you know any peeps in the area. LOL.

The plow.

The star bird bath... Love it!!

This is one of my Favorite places to hang out. Whether I am out there reading, listening to the birds, having conversation with my DH, or on the laptop. I LOVE this part of my home!!

On a really nice night we can be found here eating our dinner.

This is where my DH would rather sit, in his rockers on the front porch.
I like it here too... but, I like that the back porch is screened in. I don't like BUGS!!

Well that is all for today. We picked beans last night, so I better get to working on them, so I can get them canned. Ihope everyone is having a blessed day!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My trip to Maryland and two Prim shops

My mother and I went to Maryland last week to see my Grandfather and help with things around the house that he doesn't always get to. Cleaning and washing windows...While we were there he thought that he needed a change in the living room. As you can see he has dark brown paneling. So we took him to dinner and then to Lowes to pick out his "New" living room color. He lives in an old farm house and heats with wood heat, so we had to scrub the walls down first.
My mother hard at work.
We got the primer tinted to make coverage easier.And the final product. He was quite pleased with it, although it doesn't exactly match his John Deere green throw.And of coarse the dogs had to get in on the fun. There is Wags with his blue streak. There were 3 dogs there and they all 3 had blue paint on them by the end.
After two long days of work, we took a little trip to two of my favorite Primitive shops in the area. First on the trip was "The Barn" in Ridgeley, WV. The owners Shari, Lisa, Lori and Terry are such lovely ladies. They treated us as if we were life long friends. Thank you ladies for allowing me to photograph your beautiful shop. The ladies of "The Barn" have a Christmas open house every year, and it is coming up soon. So if you live in the area and you would like more information go to www.thebarnwv.com

The front porch.
Looking down the front porch. So much to take in...
An old washing machine made into a fountian. I just love this idea of recycling.

And our next stop was at "Dillons" in Romney, Wv.
It was a home, converted into a shop.
I got a large Star here. It free stands in the ground and holds a hanging flower. I will take a picture of it this week and post it. I need to get a flower for it first.
They have so much going on on the front porch, and southern mountian folk music playing. Very homey.

This is the back porch.

More of the front porch. My mother loved this multi-bird house. But we drove a Honda Accord and somehow I don't think we would have got it in the car. HaHa. At least not with my star holder that I got. It's about 3foot tall by 3 foot wide, or bigger...

All in all we had a great time. I took one day and went to visit with two highschool girlfriends, to catch up with what is going on in their lives. To often we don't take the time to do it. And their friendship means alot to me and I cherished the time we spent together. Thank you my sweet friends.
I hope and pray that we are all blessed with a great week. Till next time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New member to the family

This will be short today, but we just found out that are family has grown over night. Please welcome our newest member.... Luke.
He and mommy are doing well.

We thought we would have a Fall baby, so he was a very pleasant surprise. Well I need to go get things done so I better go for now. Have a great weekend! I have some Prim store pictures to post later this weekend...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calm after the storm

Good Afternoon, I am hoping that everyone is having a good day so far. Not much going on here, my FIL was out this morning grating the driveway, we had a storm last night and it washed the driveway out a bit.
I was visiting blogs this morning and noticed that alot of folks where displaying their Americana decorations so I thought I would show a couple of mine....

This is a painters cloth hanging on my door leading downstairs to our den.

I just got these last week from a local Primitive shop, Primitive Swan, as a matter of fact, she has asked my husband to built somethings for her to sell in her shop. My DH is very excited about this, and should be, he does a GREAT job at it. At least I think he does!! :)

Well I am off to make dinner, Tuna Casserole, so that when I come home I don't even have to think dinner. I love a good casserole, don't you? If you have any casserole dishes you would like to share with me, that would be great!!

I best get started, I hope everyone has a blessed day!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday Morning...

Happy Monday to everyone! Most people dread monday morning, but not me. I love Monday mornings. Its like a fresh start, and the possibilities are endless. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did, we didn't do to much, Friday night my DH mowed the yard I messed around inside.

Saturday I went to work for a few hours, I got a part-time summer job at our local CATO store. I love it, new clothes and meeting new people, my favorite things to do. After work, my DH picked me up and we went to Best Buy, and then to Atlanta Bread for a bite to eat. Then home and had a nice time resting on our back porch.

Sunday, up and off to church, home for dinner... tacos... a short nap and then visited with my parents at there home. DH called and invited his parents down to make homemade ice cream. It was divine, we had not made homemade ice cream in forever, I think we forgot how good and easy it is to make.
Today I will be working from my Home Journal, I'm in ZONE 3 & 4 trying to get ahead. You see I am going up to Maryland for a visit with my grandfather and I hate to come home to a dirty home. So I will be trying to get two weeks of house work done in 4 days...hhhmmm I hope to at least. I ran out to the back, dropped my home Insurance pymt of , and made a run to Walmart.

On the way home I stopped at Kimberly Kandles and bought some new oil(lemonade twizzler) and a new burner. I just love the oils and burners.

Well I'm off to work somemore on Zone 3 of my house.
I hope that everyone has a blessed Monday and remember the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back Again....! Did you miss me?

Here are a few things that my DH has been making me over the last couple of months

the tavern bench
sugar mold candle holder

table riser

my christmas gift and the hutch in my dining room

sofa table

little black cabinet in my bathroom

my desk in the masterbed room

my husbands "dresser"